The Ultimate Party Songs From The 70’s

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The Beginning of Great Party Music – This is The 70’s

Moustaches are prevalent, women start to show more skin, the hippie movement is on the way out and the disco and club scenes are well and truly on the way in. The new wave of fashion, lifestyle, travel and socialising started in the decade of the 70’s and has set a lot of the behaviours and trends we enjoy today.

The music scene was vast, diverse and an ever changing landscape of new and upcoming artists, classic bands like ABBA hit the radio waves and disco was changing the way people enjoyed music for the next couple of decades and still has an effect on today’s music landscape. Enjoy our lists below of some of the best music from the 70’s, so turn up the speakers, pretend you are sitting back in the low rider and enjoy some funky tunes, from this very funky time in history.

70s Pop – Songs you know and Love

There were some absolute smash hits in the 70’s, some of the most memorable pop came from these years. With the likes of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 hitting the industry with great force, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd and so many more chart topping artists. Please see our 70’s pop music compilation below and enjoy.


70’s Punk Rock – Emerging Rock

Good old fashioned rock, the kind that wasn’t afraid to be different, make a statement and inject that punk rock, rebel attitude into society. This was the inception of an incredible genre and era of music, rock, and great artists which became icons in rock and roll hall of fame. Have a listen to some of the best punk rock from the 70’s.


70’s Funk and Disco – Get on Down

The 70’s was a very, very funk time to be alive. Disco, funk and Motown were all the Jazz in this decade. With some very smooth and soulful cats hitting the clubs, this was the latest crave to be taking the dance floors by storm. John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever was a box office hit and off the back off that success – artists like the Bee Gee’s grew to international stardom, touring and travelling the world, spreading this new genre of music – Funk and Disco.


70’s Rhythm and Blues – The Start of R&B

Big hair, big voices and big personalities. Rhythm and Blues with some very soulful characters started what we know today as R&B. This was an extension of Jazz, which had a number of very prominent black artists, and evolved into this beautiful genre of very touching and groovy music. Enjoy our list of the best of the 70s Rhythm and Blues list below.


Long Live the 70’s

Whilst the 70’s may be long gone and done with, the music really has shaped so much of the music we listen to today and the attitudes we hold in todays society. From Rock, Hip Hop, Dance and R&B, they were all shaped in this definitive time in history for music. Good times had, and still had on the dance floors. As DJ’s, we still get so many requests to play many of the songs mentioned above in this blog post. We hope that you have enjoyed the list, and please visit our blog reel for more posts, decades and news from DJCo.

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