The best songs for the festive season


Christmas is here and so are the jingles to match

It is that time of the year again. The department stores start to play the Christmas carols all month, the kids start to get excited and it is time to get into the jolly spirit that is Christmas. As dj’s and as always, we want to provide you with the perfect tunes and music for the perfect moments, which is why we have collated this comprehensive list of music to share with all our readers to share with their family and friends this festive season.

The Classic Christmas Mix

This may not be your typical Christmas music filled with traditional Christmas carols and jingles (however, this post still has plenty of the classics), so this will give you a good mix and will keep you entertained with a solid mix for the whole month of December. We are kicking things off with the classic Christmas playlist. These are the ones you may remember from when you were a kid, the ones you already know the words to, and from some pretty top notch artists with a name for themselves.


Have yourself a pop Christmas

Here we have some fresh tracks, remakes and christmas songs from current artists putting a modern and new twist on some classic favourites, along with some originals in this playlists. We have songs featured from Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Justin Bieber and so much more. It doesn’t get much more pop than this and we think you will love it. Upbeat, joyful and perfect for getting your Christmas drink on to help get into the swing of things.


Hip Hop Christmas Playlist

Unorthodox? Maybe. But this hip hop Christmas mix will be getting everyone turnt up for this years silly season. A nice array of old school and up and coming artists on this playlist, with some very playful lyrics and some amazing beats to make things a little naughty this year, but we hope you still get some presents from Santa.


Christmas and all things Jazz

What would Christmas be without a little jazz and smooth tunes. Heck, even Michael Buble has his own American Christmas special every year, and he is featured heavily in this jazzy mix of Christmas carols, as he is pretty much the face of modern jazz and modern Christmas carols. Sit back, pour some eggnog and enjoy some easy listening jazz by a nice warm Christmas fire.


Rock around the Christmas Tree

Rock and Christmas don’t always go together, but with this Rock Christmas playlist we think it does. At DJCo, we don’t normally play a lot of rock music, but we still do love and appreciate the genre, along with much respect for how hard it is to play an instrument, harmonise as a band and rock a show. Rock around the Christmas tree and have yourself, a very Merry Christmas!


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