The Greatest Party Songs From The 90’s


Not So Long Ago – But so different – These are the 90’s

The 90’s was a very cool decade. Boy bands ruled the earth, movies became instant classics and so many new and cool things began to emerge in the 90’s. This post is dedicated to one of the best decades for music, and that is the amazing decade of the 90’s.

Pop artists began to sell out arena’s, hip hop began to find it’s voice, and people were more than ready to party the night away in the club scene, try new things and listen to whatever music they felt like, without any loyalty to what they used to listen to, like, or find cool. Please, enjoy our comprehensive list of the best party music from the 90’s, oh, and feel free to rock your walkman or speaker box.

90’s Pop – Chart Toppers

This particular list consist of the best chart topping smash hits that came out of the 1990’s. The most memorable tunes, from some of the biggest artists of our time. Songs that almost everybody knows the words to, can have a dance too and definitely look back on the fashion with disgust. These film clips were full of adolescent artists, broken hearts and embarrassing lyrics.


90’s Rock – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Could there possibly be a better decade for rock than the 1990’s? With pivotal bands which include the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Train, Oasis, and the band that started a new generation, Nirvana. Teens in the 90s loved rock, affiliated themselves with the genre and lived the lifestyle. Here are the best rock hits from this amazing decade.


90’s Dance – Party All Night

In the 80’s, there was disco, but when the 90’s came, it was time for something a little harder, and this was the inception of dance music from house, to trance, to techno, it all emerged from the 1990’s. There are some amazing foundation laid for dance by the 90’s, and here are some of the biggest dance anthems that graced our speakers.


90’s Hip Hop and R&B

The 1990’s was definitely the decade that launched the music genres of R&B and Hip Hop. Artists were coming out of the hood left, right and centre. From gangster rap, to heart breaking R&B Tracks, this was definitely the golden era for these genres. With TLC, Destiny’s Child emerging, Tupac and Biggie with the whole West Coast and East Coast feud, all of this hype, drama and phenomenal music played a great part in letting more and more people hear this music and make it become a mainstream genre in households across the world. Here is our list of the greatest R&B and Hip Hop Anthems of the 90’s.


Bring back the 90’s and leave me there

It’s so sad that the 90s have come and gone. So many great bands, artists, duos, trios and groups graced our radio waves and sold mammoth amounts of records, cassete tapes and CD’s. Before we say good bye to the 90’s, feel free to listen to a 2 hour 90s mega mix that mashes all the great tunes from this era into one great mix. Also below, see our post from the best party songs from the 70s, enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

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