David Bowie Dies Aged 69


Legendary musician & song writer loses battle with cancer

David Bowie’s music has lasted the ages, with hits spanning over several decades, with even hits on Vevo quite recently. Unfortunately, David Bowie, the infamous singer, song writer and all round musical genius has passed away yesterday, as he lost his long fought battle with cancer.

He has been battling this sickness for the past 18 months, and though David and doctors did everything they could to fight this unforgiving and indiscriminate disease, it sadly took his and his talents away from us.

His music will always live on

Although he is no longer with us, his music still is, and will be with us forever, and he may live through his many songs, both written and recorded by the legend. Hits including Life on Mars, Let’s Dance and the Classic hit, Rebel Rebel plus many more will remain as his legacy to the world, a life that not many of us would be lucky to live.


This flamboyant and in your face character will be irreplaceable as one of those larger than life musicians, that seem to be, a dying breed (no pun intended). He celebrated his birthday last week, along with a brand new release called Blackstar. David Bowie, the man, the myth, the legend, he will be sorely missed for many years to come, but with saying that, please see one of his greatest hits below, and let us remember his amazing music.

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