The best wedding songs, from start to finish

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The perfect soundtrack to your most perfect day

Music plays a key factor in every weddings success. Choosing the music for the biggest day of your life is a big deal. We know you are busy planning everything else, so we thought it would be nice to have a comprehensive list of the best wedding songs, from a variety of genres, from start to finish.


Our experience as a wedding dj company puts us in a great position to collate this credible, well thought out and chronological list of the best wedding songs. We encompass music from start, all the way to the last song of the night, whilst covering some special tradition songs along the way.


To skip to a particular point in the night, click the links above in the menu. Feel free to download our song list template, fill it in as you go to give to your dj to communicate the songs you want, easily.

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Canapes & Cocktails

People are arriving to your wedding, they are welcomed with champagne, canapés, warm hellos from family, friends and gorgeous music. People are wanting to mingle, chat and catch up. The music should facilitate this and should set the tone for the night ahead. It should be warm, inviting, light and easy on the ears, simply creating a romantic and ambient vibe. We suggest the following:

Romantic Jazz

Acoustic Covers

Bridal Party Entrances

The MC has asked your guests to take their seats, and it is time for our first tradition of the night, and that is, giving a big warm welcome to the bridal party as they formally enter the reception. These songs should be energetic, up beat and get everybody clapping along as each couple enters the room. Be sure to have your dj cue up the music so you enter at the chorus or at the peak of the song.

Modern Entrances

Classic Entrances

Dinner and Love Songs

Your guests sit down and the venue staff begin to bring out the entrees and mains to the tables. We need some music to help celebrate the love that the couple share for each other, whilst still allowing guests to talk freely and enjoy the amazing food with some easy listening tunes. We have some of the best new and classic love song selections below that are perfect for the dinner segment of the night.

Modern Dinner

Classic Dinner


We’ve come to that part of the night where we are going to enjoy some of the traditional wedding formalities. Every wedding is different, so feel free to skip over any of the formalities below which will not be a part of your special occasion. The most perfect songs, for the most perfect moments in time.

Cutting of the Cake

Father Daughter Dance

Bouquet Throw

Garter Toss

Bridal Waltz / First Dance

Whether you are dreading it, or looking forward to it, It has come to that part of the evening where you will share your first dance together as husband and wife. Some old, some new and some fun songs. For the first time ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs:

Modern Bridal Waltz

Classic Bridal Waltz

R&B Bridal Waltz

Fun Bridal Waltz

Dancing / Party Time

With the formal parts of the night done and out of the way, it’s time for you and your guests to get up on the dance floor to have a dance, have a good time and shake your groove thing. Because there is normally a wide variety of age groups attending a wedding, it’s normally good to have a mix of modern and classics, but that is up to you and your music tastes. Time to dance the night away.

Slow Dancing

Modern Dancing

Classic Dancing

R&B Dancing

Last Songs

The night is starting to wrap up, but not without some of the biggest songs of the night being played. Whether you are having a farewell tunnel, a circle to say your good byes or just an amazing last song to go out with a bang, these selections below will not disappoint as the last tracks of the night. These songs should be hits that everyone can sing along to at the top of their lungs. We hope you have enjoyed your magical night, with some amazing family and friends and the music to match.

Winding Down


Song list template

Your wedding, your music

Our song list template makes communicating music, simple.
Download below, then simply fill in songs you would like.
Select personal choices and/or music from our playlists below.

top 40s songs
love songs
rnb songs
electronic songs
retro songs
90s and 00s songs

Choose as much or as little as you want, and leave
the rest in your djs hands and enjoy the night.
Wedding music can be complex, we make it simple.

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