The Best Party Songs From The 80’s


The Golden Era of Music and Parties – Welcome to the 80s

Hair was long, pants were tight, fashion was colourful, Action movies were over the top and music was out there. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the golden era, the decade that still rules to this day, and that is the unforgettable decade of the 80s.


Retro Music shaped the way music is today, and the parties in the 80s was definitely up there with the all time great decades to let your mullet hair down, put on your tight leather pants and boogie on the dance floor. We have broken down this comprehensive list below into popular party music genres for you to have at your next party, or just to reminisce nostalgically in the car driving home from work on a Friday afternoon.

80s Pop – Classic Party Anthems

Before Taylor Swift there was Madonna, Before Justin Bieber, there was Michael Jackson, and before One Direction, there was New Kids on the Block. Pop had a great run in the 80’s, with many chart toppers that remain party classics to this day. See our list of the top smash hits, all from the decades of the 80s, chances are, you will know each and every hit on that list, regardless of your current age.


80’s Rock – Let’s Roll

80s Rock is so good, you just have to start playing it at the end of a party when it is starting to wind down. Everyone knows the words to Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’, or Guns and Roses ‘Sweet Child O’mine’. These rock classics and party tunes are the best when everyone is belting out the lyrics at the top of their voices. See our list below for the best rock hits from the 80s.


80’s Disco – Time to Boogie

Now there is no denying that disco started in the 70’s, but it definitely prevailed and matured in the 80’s with several bands and solo artists with the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire still releasing songs in this decade, Eurythmics with ‘Sweet Dreams’ and many more songs that will make you want to Boogie on Down. See our collated choices for the best Disco songs from the 80s and let us know what you think.


80’s Hip Hop and R&B

Hip Hop and R&B was definitely in it’s infancy stage in the 80’s, but it still was prevalent and was still making some noise in the music scene. This genre in the 80s was definitely a far cry from the Hip Hop and R&B you will hear on today’s radio airwaves, but none the less, still great to hear these tunes at parties and watch everybody put their hands up and wave them from side to side. Below are our choices for the best Hip Hop, Urban and R&B hits from the 80s.


The 80’s will live on forever

With the 80s well and truly over and done with, the music still lives on to this day and is very prevalant at many of today’s events, for both young and old love the music that came from this golden era. Before we sign off, please enjoy this 80’s megamix we prepared below, it is 154 minutes of pure 80’s gold. Enjoy and keep the disco and pop alive.

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